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Recommended supplies for Freon bottle forge

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After using a brake drum forge and a piece of rail to get acquainted with forging I have come to the conclusion that it's time to upgrade to some slightly better equipment. I lucked into a 102 lb hay Budden anvil a week or so ago and a gas forge is next on the list. I've been reading about them extensively, including many hours on IFI and have decided to do a simple Freon bottle forge with a t burner, partially because it seems to be a good simple starter forge, and partially because I have several Freon bottles and most of the burner components already at my shop. The rest of what I will need appears to be available directly from IFI and I was hoping that due to the popularity of this size forge that I could get a material list that I need to order, as those of you who have built this forge will have a good idea of the necessary quantities for the ceramic wool, castable, and kiln wash. I do have some kiln shelves for a floor and fire bricks for a porch/door. 

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Those bottles are 31 inches in circumference an 13” long I believe. A 4 ‘ length of 24x1” (Or 8’ of 12x1”) ceramic wool could give you two layers thick inside (cut most of it lengthwise to form Two 12” wide strips) with some left over to make end caps/doors. I’ll double check but think 10lbs kastolite (Or other refractory) will cover the whole shebang 1/4” thick, with the floor twice that, with leftover. A pint of Plistix or ITC will give a reflective finish coat to everything. A 3/4” T burner or Miley burner should  have power to spare in such a forge. 

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