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Stone block fire pit accents...ideas?

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Hello all. So I recently built a stone block fire pit at our house, and I think it turned out quite nice for my first attempt. The five extra blocks that make it look like a castle were a last-minute addition because I had the five left over from the Home Depot delivery (they actually gave me four extra blocks than I ordered). But now I'm thinking it needs a blacksmith's touch. I could use a masonry bit and some rivets to mount some iron accents around it, but looking for ideas from those who may have attempted a similar thing. Do I use 1" flat bar and some homemade rivets to put a band around it? It's not perfectly circle, so each band would need cut to the 10" width of each block around the third row up or so, I was thinking. That may be a lot of work and drilling, though. My wife was thinking some accent pieces on the five blocks that are sticking up. Thoughts? Thank you in advance for your ideas! :)


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I wouldn't drill or cut the blocks but put a couple of rows of banding on that are riveted to external strips in several places and at one point have  ends ___|  |___ drilled for bolts to pull it tight around the block circles.  A variation on banding a barrel; but with uprights spaced around it to hold the bands in position.

Perhaps extend the uprights to stick above the rim with the ends Y'd to hold marshmallow/hot dog roasting sticks.

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