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A step, to me, is moving your feet once. My full stride is 3 feet.  When I take the metal out of the forge I take a small step back, pivot to my right  and reset my feet facing the anvil.  This is all very individualized.  You need to adjust your distances for what feels right and smooth for you.  If you feel you are having to move too far shorten up the distance.  If you feel crowded move things further back.  You may be over thinking this whole thing.   Adjust to what feel comfortable for you.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand." 

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During a severe winter in Ohio once; I was going through anvil withdrawal something awful.  So I built a single soft firebrick forge powered from a cheap plumber's torch and ran it in my basement!  (100+ year old, native stone walls, VERY DRAFTY)  I had a little metal stand for the forge and actually sat on a old kitchen chair with the anvil between my legs.  I could only work small projects: nails for my Mastermyr chest, hot forged hack silver, penannular brooches, etc; but I had a wonderful time and no safety issues. (Heavy leather bib apron helps!)

Kept me sane? till springtime and I could go outside and forge with a larger forge and anvil(s) and hammers!   I guess my biggest suggestion is to not get fixated on one set up; but let it grow and mutate as you figure out what works better for you with what you have and what you want to do. (One of the best things about attending meetings at different smithies is seeing how other people do things.)

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