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Age of a Trenton Anvil

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Thomas,  Want you to know that this anvil is a family airloom, my ansestors were blacksmiths all the way back in to the 1750’s.  I have no intentions on parting with it, just wanted to get an idea how old it is. It was given to me by my dad and only was told it was his grand fathers who was a traveling blacksmith.  He did have a shop in Jewett, NY in the 1880’s.

I can not find any of the markings you describe. Here are some more pictures.  If I am being a pest let me know.




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Looks like he is ready to hammer that young one. 

I don't know if we have any pictures of my Great Grandfather; the smith in a small rural hill town in AR.  Times were hard.  He ended up with over 900 acres of land which I expect he took in trade for smithing work.

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Looks like an early German Trenton.  They have the feet on the bottom like a Peter Wright and no serial number.  Also, the weight is always on the trademark side in between the legs of the anvil just like yours.  An early German Trenton also will have a flat bottom, just like yours.  It's likely yours was made before 1898 according to Anvils in America.  Join the club, I have an early German Trenton as well.  See the similarities?  




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MC Hammer, am I understanding you correctly in that all flat bottom German Trentons are pre 1898?   Mine is stamped solid wrought though I can't off the top of my head remember if the weight is between the legs or not.  I have never been able to find a serial number.  I assumed someone ground it off or some other oddity.  I will have to get pictures this evening, assuming I remember.

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