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Help with Markings

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Looking for some help.  Bought this anvil with the back cracked off.  It has markings but I can't seem to figure out who made it.  There is a large M on it, and I can see "son & s" but can't make out the rest any ideas, thanks for the help! 






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the lower stamping reads to me as Stourbridge, a town in Black County, west of Birmingham (and near Dudley - a major center of anvil production in the UK.)

I've done some internet searching and found a listing for an Eveson & Son's anvil on 'Worthpoint' (an antique price tracking site, possibly for ebay?) Anyways with what I can gleam from your pictures, the info on that site meshes with the manufacturer and location.



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Welcome aboard Matt... Even with the broken heel that old gal still has plenty of life left in her. If you take a read of this thread Read This First up in the blue banner, it will help you get the best out of the forum with a lot of tips. If you edit your profile to show your location it will help with answers that depend upon knowing where in the world you are located.

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