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a mystery to me

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I found this in one of our barns, though its use and what it could be elude me, my guess is some sort of clamp or vise, but it only seems to be half of it. The jaw slides back and forth, but not up or down the shaft, and the screw adjusts the angle of the jaw. Anybody seen one of these before?


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Bottle capper? Maybe if the tooth on the jaw had a divot in it to cradle the cap as its pushed on, instead its flat. 

I haven't found much more than a hand saw when it comes to carpentry tools, but it may be a hold down. If it helps, this was found in the plumbing area of the barn, not to say that carpentry tools arent there (the grinding stone was so buried that it was a complete surprise when we found it) or that this is for plumbing, but most things were set in an area that had things used for similar jobs.

Size reference, standing on its leg, it comes to mid thigh on me, so ~2.5 feet tall without the extra from the screw and 2 foot long jaw. ~1+ inch solid round leg

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The base is the same as the rest of the leg.  I took another picture of it in a different configuration in case it helps. There was also a partial stamp on the arm. Looks like a B, possibly with a diamond around it



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That looks really similiar to an old clamp set up I used to have belonged to my grandfather... mine had a round post like that- but was threaded on the bottom of the post for a locking nut, and the sliding adjustable bar at the top was a cast piece.

It was used in a garage as a valve spring compressor for cylinder heads. I know that from my father who used it to do that job before I was born. It would slide into a hole in the work bench, get adjusted for height and tighten the lock nut. Move over the valve stem and compress the spring to remove retainers.

Dont remember how I wound up with it after my dad, but without the bench and spring adapters... I never used it and think it wound up scrapped.

Just another possibility.

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