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Metal detecting finds

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There are generally excellent steel to make wedges for splitting wood from.

Whether a steel alloy is "good" or not depends on what you want to make from it and the properties those items need.  Just like gasoline is a terrible fuel for your car---if you have a diesel engine in your car.

Another example: is 1005 steel "good"?

        I want to do a repousse belt buckle; would 1005 steel be good? YES, the extremely low carbon would make it easy to work.

        I want to make a fillet knife; would 1005 steel be good?  NO!  Can't harden it, won't keep an edge and will take a set easily in use.

Spark test it; they are often medium carbon steel; though I have run into some mild ones. High carbon wedges are not a good thing due to their greater danger of cracking or spalling.  If they test as mid C then hammer heads would be "good" and knife blades not so "good".

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