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Penn #515-1/2 bench vise


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I've found a solid-looking bench vise for sale, a PENN 515-1/2, but I have been unable to find more than a couple a references to Penn vises. Does anyone have more details? (I've seen a picture of a 515, but the one for sale is a 515-1/2 :))


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Thank you Frosty. I was just curious about the brand and history of the vise. It looks solid and I’m interested in old vises/tools. When I drew a blank, I thought I had overlooked something so I asked the group. When you too came up empty, I googled Penn and the German word for vise, «Schraubstock», and Bingo! Penn is an Austrian company (penn.at), and they continue make vises to this day.  Thanks again. 

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Oh yeah they still make vises! They make so many vises I don't know what probably 80% are used for. Penn makes all kinds f things from instrumentation to mill cutters and teeth, on and on. I'd like a couple of those vises as shelf displays. They don't say much about their bench vises. Maybe contact them and ask. 

It looks like a solid anvil from here. is it smooth when you open and close it?

Frosty The Lucky.

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