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Respirator with Face shield

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I hope this is in the right spot. I am looking into getting a Respirator with a full face shield to protect both my lungs and eyes at the same time while I am grinding on the 2 x 72. Any recommendations on a brand or model? I was looking at North or honeywell brand but none seem to be made for Grinding. I worry the full face shield may not be replaceable. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance.

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I like the positive pressure systems, understandable as I have a full beard; but the ones I've seen professional knifemakers use have generally been home made with a filtered inlet outside of the shop attached to the blower and then piped to above the grinder and dropped down to the rig.  One used a hardhat with attached face shield.  User claimed it help keep their head cooler in the summer too.  They also used various dust extraction systems attached to their 2 x 72 belt grinders.

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There are or were face shields designed to fit over respirators. 

One of the best low budget respirators I've seen then tried was a garden hose (make SURE there aren't any bugs or spider nests in it!) and a snorkel mouth piece. Feed it up through a jacket, apron, something, the other end leads outside, off the ground and out of dirty air.

Breath IN through the hose. Breath OUT through your nose. The guy who gave me the idea just used a hose.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Lee Valley tools sold a flattened respirator that fit under a face shield.

That was about eight years ago.

I am not sure whether they carry it these days. 

A look at their catalogue would be easy enough,  to check that out.


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It depends on how much grinding and what materials you plan on using. At bare minimum, use a N95 mask with exhaust valve and clear face shield, they are disposable and back in supply at OUR Harbor Freight. You might want to check with yours as they are still in short supply most every where and ours may be out again.

What everyone is recommending is excellent for extended use with hazardous materials, but for my occasional use like on one knife every now & then the N95 works.

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