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I believe I will try to make a steel faced WI hammer

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That is what I thought. Trial and error. I think I will try Frosty’s suggestion and I pray it works. What I had been planning to try was roughly what Thomas said.  I was really not wanting to have to go that route. I am dreading the HT step as it is. Being a noob, I fully expect the faces to crack or pop off in the quench. 

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The scribe trick is to let you know when you've ground enough off. Doing it on the hardened face will require the scribe be hardened so use a hardened one. The scribe in my machinist's square works a treat.

I was thinking you wanted to know how deep decarb was after welding. My bad, your question was obvious. I'm blaming the tree!

Frosty The Lucky.

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No, you were right. A mild steel scribe worked great. It scratched the decarb areas , but wouldn’t after I got down to smooth steel. Maybe a 1/16 of an inch down. Thanks for the tip. 

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Well the one which was a bit heavy is no longer a problem. It has walked away. If I were my dad, I would say one of the grandkids was playing with it and lost it. Not being my dad, I am sure it was just me that lost it. 

The face would not stick on the smaller one. I will give it another go in a few days. 

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