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I Forge Iron

Need help with my first forge

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They just lifted the fire ban and I finshed putting one of my anvils on the stump still a little work but I going to use tie-downs too hold it in place for the time being and I made the forge 





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Finally got to work on stuff and found out I need to cut about 5" off the anvil and surround the fire a little higher with old fire bricks to build up a bigger fire. But this is what I did one is a lawnmower blade and a random piece of metal I found in the bush don't know what it's from but it's been there probably 20 years maybe family owned the land for 30 years. So this was just a trial run. Looking forward to see what I can do later on once I fix the issues I've found 20210913_144701.thumb.jpg.ef81dfd8c3ea4616c968b0d81ede897c.jpg








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Just use a hammer to drive the anvil into the ground so the face of the anvil is the correct height for you. Start with the anvil face height about the same height as the break of your wrist.  To fine tune the anvil height even more, put a piece of wood on the top of the anvil and hit it 3 times with a hammer.  If the crescent is at 12 o'clock the anvil is too low.  If the crescent is at 6 o'clock the anvil is too high. If the crescent is at 6 or 9 o'clock, you need to adjust your grip on the hammer.

Use a grinder and smooth up the top of the anvil.  Make a couple of U shaped brackets and drive them into the stump to hold the anvil in place.

You will find that if you raise the forge up to a convenient working height so you can stand to work, you will not have to be getting up and down all the time.

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Sorry for the late reply thought I hit reply a week ago 

The bar sitting in a groove I made running down the stump. I thinking of bending threaded around the bar and drilling through the stump to lock it in place but also allows me to remove it when I'm done weekend. As for the forge height it's fine for now I'll build something later for it to be higher. But I will be using some of the old fire bricks I have laying around to build higher walls for a bigger fire.

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