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drill bits & hole saws

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I have a lot of worn out spade bits, masonry bits (5/16" X 4") and a pile of worn out hole saws. Any ideas what to make? So far all I can think of are flowers or leaves, or plants out of the spade bits. There's more hole saws than in the pic, about twice that many, they range from 1-3/8" to 4-1/8".


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The hole saws you could probably cut open and forge weld into a billet to make larger pieces with, maybe more work than it's worth, but that's up to you. Might be cool just to say they were made with hole saws.

The spade bits i could see becoming a cobra or snake of some sort. They can be just an interesting object or made into something, a bracelet or one of those rings that hold the cloth napkin/fork/knife place settings together at restaurants for example.

Not sure about the masonry bits.. 

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Thanks for the ideas, Frazier that's a great idea on the spade bits, I think I may try some cabinet door pulls with the mason bits. Neil, I may sharpen a few but I just retired and won't really be needing them anymore, been accumulating for a few years. anvil, tool are a good idea, I may make some drift punches which I seem to use on a regular basis, Thomas I have been thinking about some Ocotillo and I just may try that. We missed our annual trip through your town this year due to the pandemic, hoping soon though. Family reunion in Trementina was postponed and may happen in the fall, friends in Santa Fe told us the whole town was mostly closed up. Really threw a wrench into my retirement travel plans

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