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Used the linisher for the first time knife making

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My new 2x72 linisher, now I need to make some more contact wheels etc. I mounted the VSD in the wall as its not a dust proof one. The motor is a two pole 1.5Kw and the VSD goes from 10Hrtz to 80 so thats about 280 to 5000 rpm





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On 7/24/2020 at 1:01 AM, Cliffork said:

 Did you by chance make a schematic for it

I just made it up as I went but could do some chicken scratchings (free hand drawings) of the main points of the tracking system and pivots if you want. The tracking system pivots on 12x35 ball race brgs that are cheap as chips and the tracking part is cut from larger boxsection and the adjustment is a bolt pushing against an old valve spring so no freeplay but easy adjustment

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I have finally got the polishing attachment made up for my linisher, I got the idea from Salem Straub on you tube and like all good ideas its simple and even better gives a twofer (something that will do more than one thing) which is my favorite way of doing things. I have used an SKF keyless bushing to put the pulleys on the motor and shaft as they are easy to change the pulleys if I wish and they never slip. The The screw that the mop is held on with in the pics is only held on with tape just for the photos as it has the wrong thread in it now as I put a larger thread in it to go on a bench grinder but it didnt work very well.





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