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Chainsaw Chain Damascus knife

Andrew Golabek

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Hey guys, been a long time since I’ve posted, thought some might be interested in one of my latest little projects. My dad was throwing away a worn out chainsaw chain (too worn to be resharpened). I decided to try and forge it into a knife.

first step I simply took the worn dirty chain, and wrapped it in thin steel wire to keep it in one piece. I proceeded to forge weld it, and folded it until I was happy with how solid the billet felt. No cleaning of the steel was required, however a high temperature and proper atmosphere were absolutely necessary, especially at the beginning as it was tricky to stick. Anyways, here’s the finished piece and some progress pictures. Altogether only a couple of hours and gives me some confidence in my forge welding. 

Tempered at 350f, considering the steel was likely lower carbon, and the feel during sharpening etc I would put the hardness at a maximum of 56-58.







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That knife looks very serious. I wouldn't mess with a guy if he had such a weapon with him. Good work! I wonder if I can do the same thing with my chainsaw chain. Unfortunately, my chainsaw broke several months ago and I didn't know what to do with it until that day.

The problem is that I have a scroll saw and I'm not really sure that it can cut metal chain. I was reading information here https://mitersawjudge.com/best-scroll-saw-reviews-and-buying-guide/ but didn't find anything about cutting metal materials. I have an old axe and I think that it would be interesting to use chainsaw chain the same way you did. I think that would be an ideal weapon for a viking, lol.

Cheers, Joey.


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Hack saw and cut the part that isn't hardened for teeth---though as you can sharpen a chainsaw chain with a file the teeth are not that hard too.  Or get it hot cut and use a hot cut.  Most folks I know use an angle grinder.  I have to say that if this is a blocker you most likely are not ready to weld it up.

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