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Breaker Bit Bick

Rojo Pedro

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Picked up a few breaker bits at the scrap yard and decided I needed a bick to go between punch and horn when making bottle openers.....

this one is a Brunner - Lay and although tough, it moved considerably easier than a Vulcan bit I tried earlier (ended up cracked and burned in coal forge)







it works fine but I found that it doesnt work as well as my Holland cone for that purpose

possibly the mass of the cone but likely user errors  Fun to make. Thanks for looking

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Nice RP. They have their uses and are handy to have. 

Try some painters masking tape around the hardy stem. It will snug it up in the hole and bounce around less. It doesnt last long with installing and removing the tool but it will work when you need it more steady. Just try with one wrap first then see if it is more snug. Repeat the wrap untill it fits more snug and wiggles less.  I prefer masking tape over duct tape. It's easier to remove when it needs redone or just needs removed, and it is less likely to get the tool more stuck in the hardy hole. 

Another better tape than duct tape for this is gaffers tape.  And also there is aluminum foil tape which might last longer than the other two if you do a good job of getting it wrapped smooth and tight around the hardy stem. (No folds or creases).


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