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I have this reed vise #205


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Reed manufacturing is still in business. They make pipe tools and vices. You can try contacting the company for more info. Doing a search of "reed manufacturing" the company site pops right up. Go to their site and down at the bottom is email and phone number. I would give the link but links to commercial sites are frowned upon here. 

One other thing, go read the "read this first" thread in the "general discussion" department. Lots of good info there on how to post and navigate the site. Also fill out the header. Give us a general location, not your exact address but something like "SW Ohio" would work and you will discover there may be a bunch of friendly people close by to help you out. 

Anyway welcome aboard, keep it polite and safe but most of all have fun.

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So searching the online patent database for that date and "vise" brings up an application by Reed Manufacturing Co. The application was submitted a few years earlier, June 9 1905, and the patent US903137 granted Nov 3 1908.  The patent is for the swiveling mechanism of the base and the drawings do not indicate a transverse hole in the jaws; so someone did that later on their own.

When searching info on old tools the patent will often tell a lot. I've even scanned the whole list for a certain date to find the one I was interested in.

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