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Aluminum 6061-T6 Maximum Strength or Hardness


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Hello Everyone,

Does anyone know what the maximum hardness or strength that Aluminum 6061-T6 can reach if cold forged and then heat treated?

China factory suggested using Aluminum 6061-T6 instead of Titanium Grade 1 to save on costs as the strength would almost be the same.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


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Where are you located again Steel_Maker? Don't worry about being located in another country, Iforge has members in more than 150 countries around the world. 

Unfortunately your questions and lack of basic metal working knowledge make me wonder just what you really want to know and for whom. For example your latest question is just a matter of doing a web search for the particular alloy and reading the specifications and applications.

If you expect US to do such basic research for you I hope you're prepared for a whole bunch of helpful folks giving advice without knowing what they're talking about beyond what they read on Wiki.

T-6 Aluminum is generally used as armor plating on ground vehicles and gun boats. Sourcing all your materials from China has me more curious. More to the point though, you should be asking the Chinese manufacturer for a specification and work properties sheet.

Frosty The Lucky.


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Any request for evaluation of a material substitution should include a description of the application and environment of use. What are the critical characteristics of the design? Without this knowledge, any responses to your question, whether well considered and well intentioned or not, cannot address your need. Any "good" answers would only be the result of dumb luck or fortuitous assumptions. You have not yet enabled us to help you. 

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Clarified language.
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