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Hi to all out there,


I like to show you my new toy. It is a treadle hammer inspired by an photograph out of the book: The Smithy´s craft and tools by Otto Schmirler.He worked as artisan blacksmith in Vienna during the earlier middle of the last century. In his book he gave an immense overview over tooling and the works done with these tools. A little section is included where he showed his design of a treadlehammer, with some measurments. I spent a lot of time drawing the construction via CAD and recently I found the time to built it. Now it is ready, and here are some pictures. It works very fine, the fact that the hammerhead itself describes a circular path is only a little drawback.







The first additional tool - the watercan :)



The treadle made out of angleiron


In use


A little closer look


Hammerhead complete way down


Joints detail, all joints all over the construction got grease nipples




A look on the seat (bearing) of the springtube


Once more the tubeseat on the inner side you can see two pieces of 12mm square acting as guide to keep the springtube fairly centered. 


The damper


Hope you enjoy :)


Greetings Sascha

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Very nice, and very sophisticated. I also love my treadle hammer (AKA Oliver the Nodding Donkey), even though it's much more rough-and-ready than yours or Latticino's. Enormously useful machines.

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I had the good luck to be able to tour the Schmirler shop on a trip through Vienna. Your treadle hammer is a very nice rendition of that one. I built one along the same lines and have used it lots. One thing i got out of moving the treadle on the Schmirler hammer is the head was balanced by the spring and treadle position on the swing arm to make the head seem balanced almost weightless with just a little bias upward. I replicated that balance on my not as nice as your version of that hammer and i have liked that setup.

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