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Lancaster blower and Forge combo?


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Hey Everyone, 

Very long time no post here.  I have moved into a new property and finally have a space for a proper workshop.  The house came with a 40 x 50 pole barn.  No walls or electricity but we will get to that. 

I have a fire pot and blower I was planning to use to build a new coal/coke forge but also ran into this recently. 

Have any of you guys seen one of these before?  Seems like a specific kind of hearth forge? Not having side entry would be a deal breaker for me but seems like it would be easy enough to cut a hole in either side for heating the center of long stock.  Maybe that is a bad idea as the fire will end up being horizontal? 



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If I had to guess I'd say that you were correct and that was a forge specifically dedicated to heating things like soldering, caulking or branding irons.  I've seen old gas forges with sort of similar configurations.  Looks to be cast iron, and pretty darn cool though.  Bet somewhere there is an old catalog that shows exactly this item.  Be kind of as shame to cut a hole in it, but each to his own.  Just be careful if you do, cast iron is brittle.

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It appears you may be able to take the "lid" over the firepot/hearth" off but the side walls may still be in the way depending on the type of smithing you do. As Lattacino said, "Be kind of a shame to cut a hole in it, but to each his own." 


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I have to agree, even if it isn't suitable for what you need in a forge it's be a shame to damage that one. I'll bet you can offer it for trade or sale and pick up a more general forge. I'd offer a trade for my rivet forge but postage would be a deal breaker. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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