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I Forge Iron

How to hold it...........newbie question

Chris C

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Didn't matter to which school I went, hard knocks attended me.

Here's another freebie Chris. It's really nice to have a pair of tongs to hold chisels and drifts on HOT steel. A long handled pair of channel locks works even. A wrap of aluminum foil over your glove will make them last longer. A LITTLE. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Another freebie:  Don't put a hot piece of metal near where you usually keep your coal rake! (I did this while forging outside at night without good lighting.)  In fact, always have a designated space for hot items that is a known "no touch" zone.

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Me too; I have a lovely scar on my back---looks like I was gunched with a gladius---from where they "removed a suspicious mole" and then went back and excavated a bit more.   Impressive looking as the back pulled it bigger till it got totally healed.  It itches all the time in one certain spot even decades after it was done.  I tell people it was from when Cassius was practicing for his sixty on one with Julius...

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neither of my two pair of tongs will hold the blank and certainly not solid enough to drift.  I don't have any kind of hold downs.  What would be the easiest and most secure way to hold that hammer head to punch and drift a hole?

The question in the OP is why I can't get anything done. I spend so much time making a tool to do the job, that the job seems to take forever.  But, then again, I end up with a tool to make things easier later down the road. ;)

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