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Another scrap chair/bench

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Have been working on this bench for the last couple of weeks. A variety of scrap used here, but this time, not ONE rail spike!!

The legs are support brackets for the running board of an old logging truck and above them I used two picks for the backrest supports. The sides and arms are mainly leaf spring sections with the scrolled eyes left on. There are two steering control arms on the bottom at each side. The back just happened to be the right size for four brake rotors and the top is one long leaf spring filled in with rings, spring shackles, hames hooks and a bike sprocket. I added the Valiant Regal badge as a bit of bling. The seat is from ironbark slabs and the backrest is N.Q. Maple.

Now we need a matching side table to put our coffee cups on!




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Refreshing to not be welding it up out of RR spikes!  I see a lot of old stuff at my scrapyard. We are a rural farming community with a historic mining background so the old farming and mining stuff shows up pretty often---and then the local small technical University throws in some oddball stuff like jet engines or explosive testing coupons...

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19 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

Refreshing to not be welding it up out of RR spikes! 

There were one or two spaces where a rail spike would have been a perfect fit, but I resisted the temptation!!


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I was told that I should not have used bright steel Philips head screws. Probably right, but I wanted to get it finished and they wee readily available. I have replaced them with flat head carriage bolts now and it is definitely better. Thank you all for the positive comments.



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