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 After having to sell my forge and anvil a few years back (stupidly as I look back on it), I now have an even larger and better set up.  2 Kanca anvils the larger one sits on a sand filled base and the little one I am going to mount to a mobile stand.  I wound up using the stand it was mounted on to place my gas forge on and added steel caster wheels under it.  I haven't built a proper workbench yet but an old free desk works for now.  The solid fuel forge is a box of sand/brick style based off the JABOD style and I currently use coke and or anthracite coal in it although I do have bituminous I find the former to be easier in a side blast design.  Right now is is mostly a 10x10 set up due to the size of the canopy but the back porch is quite a bit larger so I have room to grow plus I have a fully insulated 10x20 shed but due to it being a 1980s version of the kind you get at home depot (plywood floor and sits up on blocks) the boss lady says no go on moving the hot work into there. At least with the canopy I can work without baking in the sun or freezing like I used to and if it rains I can leave the walls up minus whichever one is opposite of the wind and that is where the propane forge sits. Just need to get myself another leg vice and I will have all the basics covered. Suggestions are always welcome!large.20200602_234048.jpg.0ce96645adeb55712d27ad8348987e43.jpglarge.20200602_233734.jpg.e13c651bb5f340ae88f6de9541d6458d.jpglarge.20200602_234201.jpg.d96e241b67bcd72293c90bb7ec291ffe.jpglarge.20200602_233845.jpg.2f8da1f3fc74fdbcb1feacc104388062.jpglarge.20200531_215228.jpg.5ba18c7496b5199d0ff0f282e2b932ec.jpglarge.20200602_233537.jpg.2b0b0fb71b42125073f9324b3b025357.jpglarge.20200602_233633.jpg.d4fbed4b69819cd88a15ffec85731779.jpglarge.20200602_233957.jpg.919e832db02f0bb8f345f0fb6d321294.jpglarge.20200602_233702.jpg.c96c88912e3dac9edd6db253ac1493f4.jpglarge.20200602_233907.jpg.875de231c34bd30ee826cbf8d247ff43.jpglarge.20200531_200752.jpg.10b4b1a518c2c7a7ab65730cd08853ae.jpglarge.20200602_004734.jpg.c4c497fb3b1f05d9f46f0f497a21289f.jpg 

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Long way for an unarmoured gas line to run from the tank to the forge if it's the tank on the left in the first picture.

What is security like in your area?  When I lived in the inner city I couldn't leave anything out that weighed less than 200# or so?

If you do any angle grinding you may want a set up where all the spray goes away from houses and cars.

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  The gas line runs along side of the house next to the water hose that supplies the reel next to the tank, they are both covered to protect them from any damage.  I have ordered some quick disconnects but they haven't arrived yet.  As far as security goes well...I have 4 dogs  plus we live in a nice neighborhood in a nice town close to the square and high school which means lots of police patrols (kids like to drag race one street over due to being a nice straight stretch).  Any belt sanding is done in my shed and grinding/cutting is done outside the "shop" area" normally at the other end of the carport facing the driveway since that is where the other outdoor power outlet is.

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