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Busy Morning

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Well I sold off some more stuff this morning; posted it on craigslist yesterday afternoon and waded through the "Please help me scam you!" replies. (I mean selling  some old rusty scrap and you want me to believe that you want to buy it with an area code from 2000 miles away? Pull the other one!)  I did get a good hit right before I went to bed; but they wanted to pick it up at 7 am as they had a long holiday weekend planned.  So up early and led them to the shop from the nearest interstate exit.  He was interested in some of my smithing stuff too and so I sold him a forge and blower.


  is 12' long enough to make swords in?

Actually they bought that to make into a BBQ+ some other things. 

The forge I sold him was an old cracked rectangular cast iron one as he said he could braze it back together and I was selling it cheap.  The blower didn't have a stand but turned nicely and kept going when let go the handle.   Seeing them load the stuff I believe he will be able to get everything working well.  Hopefully he will come back for some tools and perhaps a pedal grinder or hand crank drill press.  I was only five minutes late for work too!  And in case he reads this; I forgot to tell you that any blacksmithing stuff I sell I will buy back at the same price as long as it's in the same condition.

All the proceeds were handed to my CFO who came out to tell me I was going to be late for work; still paying down the hoard purchase. Then I can start paying for LG parts...sigh.  I hope our local affiliate can sell at the fair this fall!


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