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Wheels at the Vaal 2008


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Hi to all
Wheels at the Vaal is coming up on the weekend of 5 to 7 Sept. We have to finish chair from last year first. I don't think that will take to much time as it is only assembly work. Nico and I will sort out the snag we had under the powerhammer. After that... your ideas please. I like the idea that we work together on one project and that different people take charge of the project each year.
Hope to hear from all
Have go hammering

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Hi Everyone,
I have an idea (inspiration from the BABA tower of friendship) of a garden gate (or maybe just a wall mount) for our communal project.
It consists of steel plate with various size cut-outs (Windows) that needs to be filled in with creative patterns, objects, etc. These get mounted to the plate with riveted joints. The advantage of this approach is that we do not need to worry about a support structure and enabling everyone to work on their

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Hi guys,
The idea is very nice, I have included a sample of what I would like to make in one of the windows. I could certainly use some help, off course.

Abie, just some question on what you had in mind.
How big is the complete gate going to be?
Do you want a forged outer frame?
Do we make the plate from 3 mm mildsteel and give some nice texture accents?
Or maybe we can have a crisscross network of flatbars overlapping, joined with rivets that form the windows to be filled?
Hinges, latch and post or just the plate?

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Hi Guys,
Just to answer some of Wim’s questions below:

Size of the plate: 1300 (h) x 700 (w)
In terms of a frame – not if we can avoid it. The original thinking is that we do not build a structure – it is a lot of hard work with many dependencies. We start with a plate (thickness to be determined still) with the windows done and ready on arrival. This allows every individual to start working and do their thing! Maybe flat bar all around for purposes of safety (and rigidity) – not to be ripped apart when squeezing through the gate opening.
In this design I want the plate to stay clean (focus remains on the pieces inside) and it will be quite busy! We can add decorative rivets or other decorative blops on the plate as well – let’s see how the juices flow on the day.
Hinges, latch, post – Hmm. One could add a ring somewhere and mount the plate to a wall with an aloe or some plant in the ring. But it looks like it the leaning is towards gate now. In that case the hinges must be small – but I would like to keep a low profile on the decision until we have seen more of the content.

It looks like we have a lot of enthusiasm going which is great!

Wim when I look at your design I think we should allocate one of the horizontal windows to you.
See the link below – look for ‘Pillar of Friendship’ – I quoted it as Tower of friendship. We have not specified a theme – If you want one: ‘forms and patterns’

I think this may be the image that is being discussed ---->click here


Maybe the link above will help to give you a better feel for it. I am sure you should find more images for ‘pillar of friendship’ if you google it.

Ting tong cheers

Edited by Wim
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Hi to all
Time is getting closer. (5 to 7 Sept) Abie has done some great work with the desing of the door. See attachwd doc. Roto sponsor the plate for us, but we will have to bring material for our panels. We need to make arrangment for tools and who will bring what. This ruffly what we need.
The university will put up a tent for us and promised meal tickets for lunch.
I will bring 4 or 5 forges and 2 or 3 anvils plus selection of hand tools.
I will bring coal and some fire wood, but we will need more fire wood.
I will try to arrange gas with someone at the Vaal
Abie will bring 1 anvil. We need 1 or 2 more.
I will bring a legvice or 2, but we may need one more
Extention leads and multi plugs.
Welding machine (electronic) will be best.
Electric drill and angle grinder
Water buckets and containers
Table and chairs
I will bring the basics for coffie and tea plus some oros. The rest to eat and drink is self catering.
If there are others things that you can think of let us know or just bring it along. Please let us know what you can help bringing.
I was hoping that some of us can start on friday afternoon (13:00) to set up the work area and finish the the chair. Then we can have it on display for the show. On Saterday night we can draw strings to see who will be the lucky owner of the chair.
I hope you are all as excited as I am.
Please reply to all to keep everyone informed.
Blacksmith greetings

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