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11 hours ago, Jaegers Forge and Foundry said:

I make around 40 dollars a week but my dad makes me put half of it towards college

but unfortunately most of the classes around me are all stock removal knife making. 

1- you have a dad that loves you alot, and wants you to know where your future comes from. You're already working for it! Keep working on that, if you have to work harder to accomplish your goals... so be it. As long as you're working towards a positive effort in life... you're the one benefitting!

2- if you want to make knives, like latticino said... take that class if the opportunity presents itself. Even after forging and heat treating, you have to grind a blade to get a finished look and edge. No matter what the material used- you'll never have a sharp knife if you don't understand the basics of shaping and grinding the edge. That's my goal too- but I want to learn to make other things as a smith myself. Nothing wrong with that...

3- let no one tell you what you can't do. Let them tell you how not to do it, but never that you can't... it's up to you to figure out how to safely accomplish it. If you find later that you can't- then at least you know you tried, and learned from it.

That's where learning from others comes in as well. You sound like somebody with a good head on your shoulders, and who's not afraid of putting in the work... don't lose that.

Good luck in your endeavors!

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Good advice indeed; however you also need to be able to judge when you do need outside help and be willing to get and use it.  This can save a lot of ER visits and even your life! (Even if it's just needing a spotter!)

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