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Indian Chief Vise Finally Mounted


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Well I was in need of a stout vise the other day for a project and figured it was about time to mount my great, great granddad's Indian Chief vise down in its new home. It has been on an old work bench in a old shed on the back of the place and always looked all alone when I would  visit the shed to rummage. I think grandad would be happy his tools are still in use after all these years. He had a blacksmith shop in my local town back at the turn of the century and died in 1929. It is a 5 1/2" Indian Chief with a 75 stamped on it which I assume is the weight for it was starting to get kind of heavy carrying it the long distance that I did. The screw is in good shape for its age and is now ready for many more years of service. I as well have his old petal grinder which I have always wanted to restore and only wish I knew where his anvil went. Dad was born in 39 and remembers seeing it when young, but never knew ew were it went. At least I have what I have and am happy. Just thought I would post a few pics. Sorry could only get one pic to upload.


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Congratulations on mounting up great great grandads vise. The family history on it is cool. I have my grandads anvil so I know how you feel.    My first vise was an Indian Chief so they mean something special to me. 

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