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I Forge Iron

Olá ferreiros! Hello blacksmiths!

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Hello dear smiths! 

I hope you're all doing fine during this trying times.

I'm from São Paulo, Brasil and have been in love with blacksmithing for some good 3 years now. I started by following Torbjorn Ahman, then Christ Centered Ironworks, Black Bear Forge, and most of these sacred blacksmithing monsters that share their knowledge and art via Youtube and Instagram.

I started to venture myself on the craft by going after "the adequate fuel for a forge" which led me to coke; believe it or not, I cannot find bituminous coal / antracite here, but I could actually find coke!

After buying some 25KG, I ended up not able to light the xxxx thing. Little did I know how much more heat I'd have to generate before actually being able to use the fuel. And this is where my quest for a forge began. To make the story short, I made myself two forges, and only the second did actually work well enough so that I could forge something. You can check the creation process link removed (you can see the first one on a video by the end of the post), and it working here.

Now I resell coke on the Brazilian equivalent of eBay and by last December I bought myself my first anvil: a shy 10KG piece of nodular iron that was what I could afford by the time (Am after something better now).

I've been struggling to make my first pair of tongs a bit link removed, but every now and then, when I have enough time to get down to the forge, I always try to give all that I have. I also try to share as much as I can of the crafts that I get myself into on my Instagram page.

I've already posted here and there on the forum, and I'm really happy with your reception. This community is really nice and I have to say that I got really emotional when I found the Prayers section. You guys rock!

Muito obrigado!

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