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I Forge Iron

I finally purchased a real anvil. S&S German cast steel

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Well i would say i had some very humble beginnings.  I started this hobby with a piece of small cross section railroad track.  I cut a length and stood it on end for a post style anvil and cut another 12 inch section for a flat anvil.  They worked but there was nothing ideal aboit the setup. I got out of the hobby for a while and recently got interested again.  


Im my neck of the woods anvils dont come available to purchase very often.  I kept my eyes on the regular free classifieds (marketplace and craigslist)  and after a year an anvil came available that was in decent shape and I jumped on it...

It is a 310lb Sichelschmidt und Schlasse anvil. In what i would consider very great shape.  There is no comparison when trying to compare it to my old railroad iron.  I am pretty excited to build a new forge and test drive it.  I borrowed my forge to a friend and his dad backed over it with his tractor.  He offered to build me a new one but i had him buy me the components to replace mine so I could build what I wanted.  


i do have a little plumming torch forge I made from and old 1lb propane bottle so I was able to make my make a hummingbird feeder holder upper.  


Did I mention this anvil is leaps and bounds above anything I have hammered on before!  

I will post some pictures once i can figure out how.  When I try it says upload failed!

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On 5/13/2020 at 7:57 PM, Old Crew said:

S and S anvils are very good german anvils. The ones I have seen have all been forged.

Well, maybe it is forged.  To be honest I just read that were cast steel.  I honestly thought it looked forged to me.  I dont know how I did considering how rare anvils are around here but I paid 1100 for it.  Not a steal but probably not to bad.

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