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Show us your handled Top Tools, cutoffs, swages, fullers etc

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Show us your forged handled top tools.  Cold cut, Hot cut, Top swages, Set tools, etc, etc. 

The really rusty ones were ones I forged over 30 years ago.  

The top fuller is an old one but was in the photo from another post. 

The hot cut was a redress I did yesterday I think.. 










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Personally forged or modified would be ideal..   Or group forged..   I was hoping to keep it personal to the person or people making the items but threads on IFI have a tendency to wander. 

If someone bought a forged one from another person I supposed that would count too..   

I'd say it's up to the person because really they are all pretty interesting..   

If you didn't make it, maybe add who did (not in a sales ploy) or initials?   Mention maybe. 


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I've been picking up a number of top tools from sales of deceased affiliate members lately and so seldom need to make one.  Also the "hoard" gave me 2 buckets of hammer, tongs, top tools, including several that used wooden spokes from wagon/buggy wheels as handles.

I'll be quiet and watch.

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My old cell phone does pictures in the low KB range, like 56 kb, and so not very high resolution---but easy to upload!  I also don't like taking time out from "doing" things to take pictures as my object is to "do things" not record that I am doing things. It is a philosophical bias. I don't own a TV or  a Smart Phone so all my screen time is pretty much IFI.

Unfortunately my photos of my tool racks are rather a mess due to lighting and other conditions.armour_rack_left.jpg.c4e9cd768b29ef9a20d040dbec5e5c14.jpg



I'll try to get a picture of my top tools I use---they are on the opposite end of this hammer rack and a set of top swages stored near the forge.



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Well the armouring tools have definitely been sitting a while; but when my hammer is running I will get back to work on my pattern welded spangen helm project that has been sitting a LOOONG time since I lost access to a powerhammer when I moved out there.

Most of the rest: I have a few tools that get used for 80% of the stuff I do and the rest fill in when I do something different.  I just like having the *right tool* for a specific job. (Exp: second photo; front, third hammer from the right---deep dishing hammer made from a RR bolt I picked up at the scrapyard: makes gallon+ medieval pots and other deep dished items.)

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