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I Forge Iron

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Hello all,

I've had this anvil for several years now but haven't been able to figure out what company/made of/date/style. Any help at all would be really appreciated!

It weighs about 120 lbs. Its 20 inches from horn to the end of the face and about 9 inches in height. As you can see there are no handling holes and it has a flat base. The only marking that I can see anywhere on it is the 12 at the bottom.

I have a copy of Anvils in America and couldn't find anything that quite fit its description but if you find otherwise please let me know!









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Yes Brey, if there is no steel face it's all cast iron.

We call those ASOs, (Anvil Shaped Objects) it's a decoration or boat anchor unless the hardy hole is a good size then it's an alternate place to use bottom tools.

Frosty The Lucky.

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