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Some of my blades (photo heavy)

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So I rarely post photos of my work as I'm pretty self critical and don't see much unique about my work making it worth posting.  However I shot a few quick photos of some of the knives I still have here at the house while on lock down, and knowing how the group here loves photos, I thought I'd share a couple.  Nothing spectacular, just wanted to show that I know a little bit about the trade.

Here is a small (8" fighter), Joe Keesler inspired.  Lousy photos, looks and feels better in real life.



Here is a nice little paring knife that was inspired by an old knife my folks used to have in their kitchen drawer that I admired:



How about a big bowie with hot blued, chased and filed mild steel fittings (~13" blade)



Here is one with an integral bolster and thru tang loosely inspired by period side knives, with hand tooled sheath and forced patina:


A large Bolo with integral guard and G10 & linen micarta handle:



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Chef's Knife with integral bolster:




Will end with a Raindrop Damascus EDC with stabilized burl handle.  My first try at pattern welding in my home forge.




Needless to say I'm still struggling with fit and finish.  Having fun on the journey though.

Thanks IronDragon, appreciate the feedback.

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Thanks Frosty.  That one is one of my favorites also, so much so that I forged another to see if I could up the finish quality.  The last one I certainly cut corners with a machine finish, this one will hopefully be hand sanded.  I really love the ancient ivory look of the linen micarta.  I'm also going to get rid of the integral guard on this second one.  Thought it was a good idea at first, but after execution, just found it distracting.

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I wouldn't say your struggling with fit and finish... more like perfecting your fit and finish.

I'm with frosty- I really like the simplicity and clean lines on the paring knife. No fuss, basic and fit for job.

But that damascus though....

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