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I Forge Iron

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  This emerged from my scrap heap.  I see many fine bird sculptures here, I hope there is room for another.  It reminds me of some Rhode Island Reds I raised once.  They were mean and ultimately tough to eat.



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I agree  attractive yet disturbing.  Qualities i found in my lovely wife!  (don't tell her though or you will have to deal with the disturbance in the female force)

Well done!

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  Thank you CGL aka CCL.  I love alter egos.  Gotta keepem separated.   ;-).


  Pnut, Das is a master of his craft and I have drawn inspiration from his work.  So much talent on these forums...  Thank you.


5 hours ago, Frosty said:

I love it, it's disturbingly attractive. 

Bingo!  I have not toiled in vain.  However.... I have a charming little cutie chicken in the works to balance things out.   


  Old Crew, a well done says it all!  My lips are sealed, but Im thinking Im not the one that would be dealing with THAT disturbance!








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35 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

Is that why I keep finding drawers full of old wrenches around the shop

Nah, that's nesting material. You'll know they're breeding if you start finding ball bearings where there weren't any the day before.


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