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getting started on the cheap

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I've seen a lot of newer folks wanting to get started blacksmithing and have a tiny budget so I thought I'd put some links I found helpful in place. Here's the links for the forges.

Option 2.

Option 3.


.For a cheap anvil.  

  For some tongs until you have the skills to forge proper tongs.

. And the techniques you'll need to make something.

. I hope this helps some newcomers be able to find what they need in one post. Good luck,be safe, and remember it's supposed to be fun.


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many thanks Pnut, im sure those links will help a lot of newcomers get started without the need for going out unnecessarily.

i keep thinking of a 55 drum forge myself but could never find the link. Got too many other jobs at the moment though, plus still working full time so it may be a while till i get some shop time.


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Nope. You just hook the clinker out of the bottom blast and the side blast has a space below the air inlets for clinker to gather. The bottom blast is the only one designed specifically with coal in mind. The jabods and side blast 55 do better with charcoal so there's no clinker to really worry about. Hope that answers your question. 


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