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Halligan_bar homemade

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The video isn't about making a haligan tool, it's some guy's idea of I don't know what. A pocket size breaching tool but I don't have any idea why he cut it where he did. Disregard this one, looks like another guy who has a camera, internet connection and a desire for his 15 seconds of fame. I certainly didn't sped 19 minutes watching him ruin a tool.

Start with a good impact resistant steel, crow bars are perfect. Split the ends, one for the pickle fork the other for the adze, pick and hammer. The more technically difficult end is the adze end, it needs the adze blade angled 90* with the shaft and the pick point angled 90* from the adze and shaft. A really important feature is where the adze and pick meat the shaft, it must be multi purpose, all dealing with hammering. The 3rd use for the adze end of a haligan is as a sledge hammer and as the striking point to drive the adze blade, pick or pickle fork into whatever you're opening. 

Fire fighters typically drive a haligan into a door with another haligan the hammer needs to be heavy and have flat faces opposite the other tools, including the pickle fork at the other end.

The pickle fork end is what you use when you need serious leverage or need distance. 

There is nothing delicate about a haligan, they're direct, brutal and efficient. 

Frosty The Lucky.


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A recent episode of "Forged In Fire" featured a forged haligan tested by fire fighters as the final contest. This is a link to the episode. https://www.history.com/shows/forged-in-fire/season-7/episode-25

Were I making one I'd use a crow bar, spud bar, or similar steel bar used for prying or digging in hard stony soil. It needs to be tough  more than hard. An axle should work too.

The video from "Hedge HogOutdoors" wouldn't do well as a halligan bar but I love the name it reminds me of a current favorite Sci Fi series of books. The Female protagonist uses a halligan in hand to hand combat through all 4 books so calling one a "hooligan bar" really reminds me of the series.

You could do as the "Hooligan bar" maker did, weld the pieces together after forging them. 

I think I'd try forging one from a single bar, maybe forge weld some extra on the ends to start. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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thanks for the right suggestions I have to visit a scrap dealer, a mechanic or a blacksmith to recycle the right materials. I will wait for the end of the virus crown quarantine, I hope a war from you all well. I hope we will hear from you soon, be careful of the crown virus in Italy in Italy 110 doctors and 60,000 people dead Lombardy is a hospital with thousands of sick people, prevention is better than cure be careful soon good luck thanks for the valuable tips

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You're welcome Angiolino, it's my pleasure. Were you able to watch the "Forged in Fire" episode? 

Yeah, we are all sitting tight waiting for this plague to end, it's killed too many people and ruined too many lives. I'm VERY happy to see you're okay. 

My wife and I are self isolated in our home in the forest, we can see our nearest neighbors house but nobody's visiting anybody. We live on a very busy road and it's almost deserted, vehicles passing are so rare we sometimes wonder what the noise is. 

As a community and state we're taking this pretty seriously and it's showing in how few people are being hospitalized or even testing positive, in Alaska that is.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay HOME.

Frosty The Lucky.

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