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Forge temperature issues

Lasse Ballweg

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Hello there, 

In the last test I used light firebricks to reduce the forge chamber size and to block of the openings but it still won't come up to full temperature and the material will leave huge almost black cold areas after taken out. The material was about a light red when taken out.  

Burner is forced air ribbon burner. With 1mm nozzle and 23, 8mm holes in the burner block. Insulation is 3 layers ceramic wool and 20mm hard castable refractory. Maybe the refractory is too thick or it's the wrong type? I'm happy for your help and thanks in advance for all your answers. 

Best regards Lasse from Germany




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1mm gas jet on a blown burner seems very small. Are you getting any Dragons Breath?

If not, You are probably running too lean and would benefit from a bigger gas “jet”. A small jet and high pressure are needed in NA burners because the gas velocity needs to be high to entrain air. Blown burners have the blower for the air and gas velocity is not needed. 

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