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Kiridashi knife—my first twist Damascus


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This shark-like design originated as a 7 layer billet (1084/15n20). Forge welded by hand and drew the original 3” x 1 1/4” billet out to a square bar that was about 7” by 3/4”. Being interested in lower layer count Damascus at the moment I didn’t do any folding, so what you see here is just the 7 layers. Twisted the heated bar with a monkey wrench in my big old post leg vise, refluxed (Iron Mountain), and squared again before grinding down the surfaces to remove scale and clean the edges. The simply forged out the blade using both hand hammers and my treadle hammer. Did a 30 minute etch in ferric chloride. 



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2 hours ago, Chris C said:

Nice!  I really like low count Damascus.

I'm curious.  Would one get a similar, low count high contrast, length-wise pattern if the twisting was left out of the equation?

Not really....the twist reveals the two metals.

On a flat stacked billet, untwisted, with a few possible exceptions where the nickel steel comes through the outer layer you would pretty much only see a fine linear, layered pattern on the spine. Now if I were stacking 30 layers or so and flattening the billets across the layers it would be possible to orient it to show the two different metals--not sure however if the structural integrity would hold up in such a thin, striated blade.


Picture shows spine pattern on the twist Damascus. 


Found the cool layered axe online.


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I don't even need to watch that video.  I think I've spent a thousand hours watching his videos............and communicating back and forth in e-mails with him.  His work is incredible.  His obsession is with the steel.  He doesn't sell finished knives..........ever!  Only what you see in this video.  Unique individual.

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Very cool that you've contacted him. He is the Master of the Hydraulic Press!

I'm gonna try a stacked laminate axe like the one above. I figure at least 24 layers (the one shown has more but it likely was squished with a big power hammer or press so I won't have as much compression with the hand hammering.

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I know what you mean, Jon.  I'm going to have to be my own striker because I'll never own a power hammer.  I agree with Steve and Thomas that billets have been forged for a long time without power................just takes more strikes and more patience.

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