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Creating an edge with diamond stones

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I've had a couple of cheap whetstones (120/400 and one 1000/3000) with a leather strop (with green compound) for quite some time now and I started to get tired of them curving and creating one huge muddy mess when sharpening many knives. It works, but it's a pain xxxxxxxx sometimes. So, I bought a 300/600 grit diamond sharpening stone from Dianova, but it feels like it wont be enough. When you have a newly made knife and want to create the secondary bevel from "no bevel at all", do you think the 300 grit side on that diamond stone will suffice, or will it be too fine of a grit? Maybe getting a extra-extra coarse diamond stone like 120 will do? Also, will the 600 grit be fine enough to go straight to the strop? I'm looking to get shaving sharp edges. Other than that, I'm not interested in "Oh this was sharpened on a 30 000 grit stone wohooo". Maybe getting a 1200 grit diamond stone to use between 600 and the strop?


1. Will a 300 grit side on a diamond stone be coarse enough to effectively create edges on newly made knives? If not, what grit will be the most suitable before 300?

2. Will a 600 grit side on a diamond stone be fine enough to go directly to a strop to get shaving sharp edges? If not, what grit-steps are required after 600 and before stropping?

Since I've gone up to 3000 on my whetstones and gotten shaving sharpness after stropping, I know that's possible. But I'm not sure what the grits are for diamond stones. People seem to go to higher grits on whetstones and not quite so high on diamond stones, but I'm unsure. The reason I'm asking this and not just testing is because I currently don't have any knives to try it on, I'm away for some time.

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Thanks in advance!

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300 is definitely able to get a secondary bevel from no bevel at all, but after 600, I've always had better luck with getting to around 800/1000/1200 grit before stropping. 

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