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Butt welded washer, why a gap is needed on a shaft weld

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I have been asked on the Blacksmith diamond videos numerous times why the gap in the collar before being welded..

This video addresses it in a roundabout way, chuckle, chuckle..

It is forging a " Butt welded ring"..

My butt is really tired by the way.. :) chuckle, chuckle..

I don't recommend them for most things though they can be handy for spacers and such or for bolt and nail escutcheons.

It's not perfect but will get the idea across. 



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That's my automiton.  That blinking thing is the state of charge left.


That's actually the remote for the 4 cameras. 1 remote controls them all. Yeah!!!!!!!!


1forgeur thanks. It's alright.  I'm not sure what I was doing,  was made clear enough as to the reason a gap is needed on the collar to shaft/shank weld.

It seemed to have evolved strictly into a ring butt weld video.


I suppose if one person understands the info it severed it purpose..

Last few forging times,  I've been able to get 3 or 4 items done at 1 time so this is perfect for pumping out the videos. 


I've got 3 done and will be released I think weekly. 


CGL, right on. Thanks.

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