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Toolkraft Model 4340

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I just took out my Toolkraft sander out of storage for a project, and when I was adjusting the table for the disc sander, I broke the trunnion holding the table when I tried to tighten it in place (this guy is old). I wasn't able to upload a picture, but the part I am looking for is shown on page 11 in the publication below. Any help out there finding a replacement would be great. I have had this sander for 30+ years and do not want to give up on it. 

Thank you, Patrick


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Do you actually use the table tilt?  If not, I'd scab in a simple new fixed piece--shouldn't be hard to make.  One could fab up a full replacement with a little work that did everything the old part does but the hours to do that are probably more than the unit is worth.

Due to the age, I'm assuming the part that broke is cast iron and not cast zinc.  Assuming it's CI, it can also likely be brazed back to a working condition assuming you don't over-stress it in the future.  If it's cast zinc (test with a magnet) you are stuck making one from scratch.

And the above is easy for me to say because I have a full machine shop to work from.  If you can eventually post a photo of the broken part, it might be possible to suggest alternatives and options better.

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Thank you for the reply Kozzy. I guess that is my next step is to find a good metal guy around me and see if they can make the repair. I guess I was thinking in this day and age nothing can be fixed. I'm just a weekend warrior and don't use it much, but when I have a project it has always been reliable. I did figure out how to add a picture. I attached the picture from the manual. The break is through the tightening screw hole. When I get home later, I'll post the actual part picture and Maybe I'll find a new friend around here that can help me with a repair.

Thanks again


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49 minutes ago, Irondragon Forge & Clay said:

Looking at the PDF, I'd say yes and it looks like cast iron in the picture. If a magnet sticks, I would weld it up.

The problem with welding up some of these castings is that they are often really poor material and have a ton of voids. This wasn't a high-end piece to begin with so casting quality is at the very least, in question.   I've had similar castings sort of disappear under the TIG gun because the material was almost "foamy" with internal voids.  Though I totally agree and welding is the way to go, I would hesitate without seeing it first--which is why I only mentioned brazing.  If the O. P. can find a "friend" who has a least a little experience with poor quality material, they should be able to adapt and make welding work.  But dang, when the casting disappears under the heat like when we used to put model cement on styrofoam as kids, it is a bit disheartening :) 

On the more modern chinese crap, I've discovered huge hidden voids, perforations, and pockets that they hid with bondo.  Looks great until the paint comes off and then it looks like swiss cheese.

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Up until '84 ToolKraft was made in the USA. They made stuff for Montgomery Wards, Sears and other stores & brands.

From the parts site.


ToolKraft of 700 Plainfield St. Chicopee, Massachusetts closed it's facility manufacturing facility in 1984. During its 50 plus year tenure in the Power Tool Industry they manufactured products under many names. Some of the brands they were responsible for are ToolKraft, Darra James, most of the Power-Kraft - Montgomery Wards power tools such as the Table Saws, Drill Presses, Sanders, Band Saws and Radial Arm Saws also a Shaper and Jointer (prior to 1980) under the DeWalt brand and B&D for Black and Decker or other brands bearing model numbers with the prefix "THS"


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