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Help identifying my new anvil!

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Got an anvil from very good welder friend (who started as a blacksmith 40 years ago).... I also got a post vice and a 4ft tall Mandrel.. I also got that nice oak stand behind the anvil..

A few people on facebook group said Hay Buddens, but then they also said the anvil looked like it was only 150lbs, when I said it must be around 300lbs... So I don't value their opinion... Like I do with the fine people here.  Its 34inches long,  and 13.5 inches high...  Me and him picked it up and put it in the truck, but it was way heavier than my 221lbs Peter Wright my uncle gave me.

We never decided on a price, but I'm thinking $1500 for everything.. It's in great shape. I felt sad, pulling away from his shop with it... He's retiring and moving to Florida... Even though i'm buying them, it still felt like he is passing the torch on to me.. (there must be a blacksmithing pun in there somewhere)....



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She's a beautiful anvil. Just because folk on the internet can't estimate it's weight doesn't mean their opinion is worthless. It's not really possible to estimate size and weight from a pic on a monitor even if I took dividers to the 2x lumber in one shop and started measuring, I'd still have to estimate the face width.  Can't really rely on what's stamped either, especially older anvils, scales weren't as accurate even in factories not to mention loss do to wear. 

All that long windyness leads up to. . . Have you weighed it? A bathroom scale should do. If you're really interested in the weight, I figure a 2 man grunt to lift is plenty heavy enough for my uses. ;)

I think you did well and gave a fair price. Well done.

Frosty The Lucky.

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^ you are right about that, but they where rude about it... But that is besides the point.

Anyways, I think the anvil would break the scale. Yes, a two men grunt to lift is heavy. This welder is one of the strongest men i've ever met, he said he used to pick it up himself when he was younger.  I'm also pretty strong, between my exercising and working construction.

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It does look like a Hay Budden, but some others look like that too. A shot of the bottom will tell. You have done good IMHO and the only thing that lovely lady needs is hot steel to polish up the face. Those cone mandrels are getting hard to find and go for outrageous prices around here.

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^Thank you. I will get a picture tomorrow.. We will use our Bobcat to unload it, and get a picture then. Its real heavy, the Peter Wright, I can pick it up off its stand... This one, I can swivel it, but that is it. I couldn't not buy it, it was owned by a very good friend, its in great shape, and its very heavy. It really does mean a lot to own something like this from someone who's inspired me when it comes to metal.

I did find a mark, under the horn that says 1... From what I read, that could be an inspectors mark?


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