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Frosty, my take on life is its too short not to have fun. I'm the one that all the kids flock to being a big kid myself.  Back when we used to do the big camping trips of 30+ people with the canoe club the parents would be chilling out whilst myself and my mate Phil would be on the river from sun up to sun down entertaining their kids, teaching them to build rafts and rope swings. I always managed to bring 20 or so wagon tyre inner tubes, rope and a few rolls of gaffer tape. 

Normally by the end of the day we would have not just the kids from our group but most of the kids on the camp site plus a few random fathers who officially had been sent over by the wives to keep an eye of young Billy in the water but in reality they wanted to wind the clock back a few years and shoot the "rapids" on an inner tube too. 

Never had kids myself but I was the fun uncle to hundreds. 

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You sound like a fun guy. I'm in touch with my inner 8 yro, when someone tells me to grow up, that is.

I'm one of those people who never talks baby talk to babies or dumbs things down for kids. I simplify explanations but never dumb it down. If you talk baby talk to kids they talk like babies.

Little ones are plenty smart, they just don't know much yet and they're natural sponges if you don't talk down to them. 

I haven't been on large scale camping trips like you describe since I was a Boy Scout and one of the kids. Some of the best times of my life.

Frosty The Lucky.

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