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I Forge Iron

Justin’s Smithing progression. [PIC heavy]

Justin Topp

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If you can cold bend it it'll have a heck of a ring. Getting it tuned is a good reason not to put a finial treatment on the free end.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Sounds like I’ve got some experimenting to do. Thanks for the information everyone! 

Today I forged a drift for an axe and an axe with said drift. It’s about 2 lbs made of mild steel with a forge welded hard edge on it. Just needs a handle and it’s good to go. 




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On 9/15/2021 at 12:03 AM, ThomasPowers said:

The adaption of farm tools as weapons is common where farmers were not allowed to have weapons.  In Europe things like the flail used for threshing wheat was used as a weapon as was the common axe.

And scythes and bill hooks... But pitch forks for their common depiction as the peasant weapon of choice, i don't think was neither an effective nor popular weapon.

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In the days before antibiotics; punching a hole in someone with a dirty item was a major killer.  I think those were mainly what was to hand in necessity.  When medieval landowners were required to supply troops, the spear was a common weapon stocked for their use.  And of course the Welsh Longbow became a weapon of choice for use by English Monarchs...just look at the laws banning other activities that might cut into their practice time!

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Better than nothing that's for sure. Perhaps more popular in use than I'm imagining too. Just thinking multiple bent prongs makes for a weapon that is pretty bad at penetrating even rudimentary armour while also being somewhat unwieldy. Also, I'll hope you'll forgive me just thinking out loud without much sources to back it up; although infection would be a big killer, the ability to incapacitate your opponent during the battle itself is more important, and you need a good hit with a pitchfork for that to happen. Pitchfork in the arm, shoulder or leg? Eh... probably still in the game. There should be plenty of farm tools more easily adapted into something akin to a glaive or halberd. Scythes, sickles and billhooks comes to mind.

No golf for the English! Bow only!

Also I love spears. Spears are great. 

Apologies for the rant. I just enjoy the thought exercise. 

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