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Justin’s Smithing progression. [PIC heavy]

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Justin:  Nice work.  This type has the advantage over solid handle screw drivers that you can easily put something through the loop handle to give more leverage.  Also, you can hollow grind the tip to make a gun smith's style driver.  A graduated set of these would be a great gift or sale item, particularly if put in a nice wooden box.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand." 

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Wow you’ve been busy this summer! Very nice work!   Things are just starting to slow down for me enough I can get some forging in.  Cleaned up my smithy this morning.  Looking forward to being able to get back in the shop!   

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Thanks! It’s the opposite for me here haha. Seeming to have less and less time.

As a side note what are some good projects to use 1.5 x 0.25 flat bar for. The steel supplier gave me that instead of 1x.25 so now I have 20’ of steel in a size I’ve never even thought about using for anything haha 

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I’ve been working on my fisher by standing on a board for the whole time I’ve had it. Since I just used the stand from my other anvil which was a taller stand because a shorter anvil. Still was too tall with the board but I made do. Finally found the time to make a simple stand. Didn’t bother sanding the wood so it’s rough cut still.  Just wanted a useable stand. Much better to have a proper hight anvil. And to be able to use my Henry wright again. 

I am unsure of the wood. I thought cotton wood but it’s very dense and hard. Should hold up well. 



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