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First gas forge build


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Hi all,  here’s a couple of pics of my first gas forge build.

now after reading through forges 101 and burners 101 and many hours of scratching my head - unfortunately after I’d bought this burner, bricks and mortar - I realise that this is not the best or most efficient build.  I am however quite pleased to report that the cure went well and I was able to get some crazy hot temperature in it. Also note that the burner has not been properly secured in these pics. 

massive thanks to @Mikey98118 and @Frosty the Lucky for making my brain explode with information.


my other forge is a hand cranked charcoal forge made in a kettle bbq. Which I still really like but I am looking forward to using this.


any advice and/or feedback is greatly appreciated.



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I figure the forge is not at it's permanent location. When it is my suggestion is to have the hose to the burner routed around the back. A hot piece of dropped steel on a rubber hose makes for some interesting foot work and flame throwing.:) Crazy hot is what we're after.

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