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Greetings All,

I am new to the art of Blacksmithing and any advise will be taken , I have a Cliff Carroll 70 lb Anvil a few hammers and 2 set of tongs and a portable witlox forge ( I do my stuff outdoors on my Homestead.

with that said I plan on making mainly 18th and 19th century camping / cooking items 

looking forward to any advise.


 Thank you All



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It would help if you'd fill out your profile so we know where you are located.  "Somewhere" in Oklahoma, I'm assuming.  The reason for that is there may well be someone smithing in your locale who could be a real one-on-one assistance.

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Welcome; do you have any good documentation on such items?  There is quite a lot on the stay put stuff used in houses, etc; but a lot is lacking on the portable items.  (Most folks are just copying what others have copied from others who copied from someone who just built what they wanted to cook with).

I have an excellent primary source for a travelling kitchen from 1570; but it's very upscale indeed!  ("The Opera of Bartolomeo Scappi---Fellow was the cook for 5 Popes.)

I have a number of books on historical kitchen tools, some of which would have traveled, unfortunately a lot of mine are slanted toward earlier times.  They have been discussed here before if you search for them.

Have you read "Civil War Blacksmithing" by David Einhorn ? It deals with the construction of an American Civil War travelling forge and covers a bit about forging at reenactment events and the types of things that sell at them. I'd suggest you ILL it from your local public library and if you like it get a copy for yourself! David is a member here. I once ran across an original anvil and stand from an army forge of that period and bought it and passed it on to him as I've run out of space just for "neat" things. (Now if it had been the English Civil War....)

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