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I Forge Iron

My first forge: charcoal JABOD build

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Very nice Clint, I LIKE it! Blow driers are often give aways at yard sales and the circuitry looks pretty basic. For someone who understands electronics better than I. 

The only thing that bothers me is a serious lack of Rube Goldbergness to wow the audience. A rotating beacon, whistles, a couple bells and some overhead whirly thing all on a complex, brightly colored,  shiny frame. . . . Yeah, that should do nicely. Hmmmm?

Joking aside you get a hearty well done from me.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Clint, I like the battery setup! Many members talk about using foot switches, but I would wire in a simple on/off switch, that way you can set it where you need it and not worry about having to reset it after you put your stock back in the forge. I haven’t put a switch on mine (yet), but from attending our hammer-ins and visiting others forges, the habit of turning off the blower is well established in me. I tend to work with large stock, so the heating time is long and used to get ready to the next forging steps. A foot switch would get annoying quickly.

Just my experience, David

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Hey Clint,

How is the battery operated blower working out these days?It has been several months. Have you been forging? I think I'm going to copycat that blower set up with my first charcoal forge build. The truck rim is sitting on the sawhorse right now. I just had to pop back inside to find some suggested measurements for the tuyere location and tilt (if any).


Taylor, near Jeddo TX

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