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Yakut knife.

Justin Topp

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Excellent looking knife. 

I have been researching this style of knife, could we get a few shorts of the edge profile. I would like to compare your knife to what I think I know about the shape of the blade. I am always on the look out for reference material. 

Did you put in the single sided fuller with the blade supported in a swage? I guess to put it another way would you mind sharing your techniques for forging this unique blade style? 

Thank you and have a good one,


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Thank you both !

steven I forged it as you would a normal knife but I didn’t have any swages so I just didn’t forge bevels oh this one. If I was gonna make multiple of them I probably would make a bottom swage. To make the fuller I just used a ball peen hammer. This is the shape of the edge. Basically a convex chisel grind with a big fuller. Hope this helps 


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Very good looking knife that I hadn’t heard of before and had to do some research on. Interesting concept on the grind making it easier to cut and sharpen as well as which side to fuller depending on if the user is left or right handed. 

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