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Hello Everybody


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I just wanted to say hey to you all. I'm new to this forum/posting stuff, but I really enjoy looking at this site and wanted to join. I can't wait to see the blue prints that have been held up in reconstruction of this site. By the way I've tried reading up on it but what the heck is a "trackback" and how should I use on this site? We'll I'm not going to ramble on anymore... for now.
BearHead Desings Inc.

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Welcome to Iforgeiron, JMP!

I,m not quite sure what a "trackback" is either.

Although I,ve been a member for a year and a half, there are still features on this site that I am unfamilar with.
(I,m a computer newbie)
Maybe someone will explain how "trackbacks" work!

Anyway, welcome to blacksmithing and IFI community!


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Thanks for having such a great website. There's lots of information to be had here.

I started learning to smith over 20 years ago. Being a youngster, my interest strayed (but not far). I've always entertained the bug, but everything else seemed to get in the way. Now I'm getting back into it with renewed vigor. I'm the third generation in my family to take it up.

My interests are general blacksmithing, historical/reproduction work, ok.... I can say BLADES because blades are cool. :D

Did I mention I love the BLUEPRINTS section of your site.



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