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5” square stock

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I found this 5” square stock that’s about 16” long at the scrap yard for $40 I was trying to figure out how to anchor it. I am going in between setting it in concrete or making a wooden stand and welding on some angle iron to secure it.


any suggestions would be a great help! 



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I prefer wood to concrete.  Note you could stand it up on a stump and box in the base with a couple of scrap 4x4" pieces and long lag bolts. I would try two across the narrow sides lagged to the stump and then two across the wide sides lagged through the cross ones and into the stump.

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Thank you both for the advice it seems to have good revound still don’t know what type of steel it is it has an angle cut on one side I guess I’m going to spend some time with a grinder first to get it flat.

i don’t have a lot of tools do grinder is my go to.

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Use either wood or metal stand. Metal my preference. You may design a stand that allows you to secure firmly that chunk of steel both  on "vertical" position for general forging and "horizontal" position to straighten long pieces. That chunk weighs about 50 kg, you can always add a bit more of weight with a metal stand. 

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As others have already said... upright, boxed in, and work the wood underneath to make it sit flat! Definately your best option. You want to maximise the amount of mass under your hammer blows, hence putting it on end. Unless you can make a cool stand like caotropheus describes and have both orientations interchangeable (yet also firmly held!).....

Radius the edges with a flap disk slightly- I've found it very useful to have different radii on my anvil face for different jobs.


Here's an example of my anvil. Mine is shorter so is only boxed in with 2"x1.5". You would probably want a deeper "socket", 4x2 or 4x4 as TP says.


(60) Punches Set.jpg

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