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Peter Wright Anvil - Identification

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What is it that you want to know? 

It's a standard London Pattern Peter Wright anvil. 

The weight is stamped across the waist in the CWT system where the leftmost number is times 112 pounds, the middle number is times 28 pounds and can only be 0-3, and the rightmost number(s) is just pounds and can only be 0-27.  The actual weight should be within a couple pounds of the stamped weight.

(I can't read it from that picture, except for the rightmost: 10;  can you tell us what's stamped?)

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Value depends a LOT on where it is located; which is not mentioned. Even just in the USA; location can change what it's worth by over a hundred dollars. As IFI is a site on the World Wide Web; we do have people from over 100 different countries participating here---anvils tend to be more expensive in Australia and less expensive in the England for instance.

As for weight: unless it's really large; a common bathroom scale will give you the weight if you can't read the CWT stampings. Of course that does require removing it from the stand.  Generally stands do not add much value as a user will need a stand the correct height for their body and work style; a beautiful stand the wrong height is just scrap metal to a smith unless they can modify it to fit them. (Which can be more trouble than just building a new stand.)  Also if a stand is heavy then it makes it difficult to move the anvil if it's semi-permanently fastened down.


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Welcome aboard... I always suggest reading this to get the best out of the forum. It is full of tips like editing your profile to show location, how to do a better search plus many others.  READ THIS FIRST

Because your anvil has England stamped on it, it was imported after 1891 and before 1930 (I could be off on the year) but I'm sure someone will know for sure.

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